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New Dining Hall / Chapel Project

Dining Hall / Chapel Timeline:


December 9 - surveyed possible locations

December 14 - finished 2 sets of preliminary floor plans


February 4 - sent building proposal to Regional Lands Manager

February 5 - permission to build was granted by Regional Lands Manager

February 6 - public health reviewed and approved kitchen floor plans

February 7 - finalized preliminary floor plans

February 7 - sent preliminary floor plans to the draftsman

February 13 - received a materials estimate from supplier

($190.778.89 based on preliminary plans. Not including: concrete, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, appliances, cabinets, or labor)

March 4 - received 1st preliminary draft from draftsman

May 29-30 - cleared trees from building site

November 7 - meeting with draftsman to finalize layout


February 15 - received final floor plans and stamped structural drawings

This is a huge project and we are trusting God for the funds to go ahead with it.

For info on why we are building, click on the PDF to download our Special Edition newsletter:

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