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PRBC Polar Plunge
Pledge Form
Please fill in your contact info here:

To ​Make a Pledge:

1) From the drop-down menu, select how many   Plunger(s) you would like to donate towards.

2) Fill in the amount you are pledging.

3) Fill in the name of the Benchmark Plunger you are donating for.

4) Repeat for however many Plungers you chose.

5) Choose your method of payment.

6) Hit Submit.

Benchmark Plungers:


Nathan Siemens (benchmark $20k)

Bruce McCaskell (benchmark $25k)

Tabitha Wahlstrom (benchmark $30k)

Jason Boucher (bonus benchmark $50k)

ANBC Crew (bonus benchmark $60k)

Tank & Thunder (as team mascots)

*Any pledges made after February 13 (until 11:59 on Friday, February 18) will continue to help us reach our benchmarks and send our benchmark plungers into the icy drink along with the top plunger!

You will receive an email at the end of the fundraiser with:

- donation instructions

- the total $ amount that you have pledged over the course of the fundraiser.


This allows you to make one donation at the end, rather than several small ones throughout. It also keeps the bookkeeping simpler on our end.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!You will receive an email with donation instructions at the end of the fundraiser.Don't forget to follow on Social Media to see if your Benchmark Plunger has reached their goal!

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