2022 Camper Registration

Summer Camp Registration

will open in Spring 2022


Dear Parents,

What We Want You To Know:

The purpose of Pine Ridge Bible Camp is to help young people develop spiritually, socially, mentally and physically. Our volunteer staff are carefully screened and trained to ensure a quality and safe camp experience for your child. Our staff use God's Word to seek to lead campers to a meaningful relationship with God and wholesome relationships with other people.

Pick Up & Drop Off Times:

Camper Registration is Monday between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.

We respectfully request that campers NOT be dropped off before 4:00 pm.

Camper Pick-Up is Friday at 5:00 pm. Parents are welcome to join for supper.

We respectfully request that campers NOT be picked up before 5:00 pm.

(if you need to pick your child up early, please call ahead to make arrangements in order to avoid disrupting the camp activities)

When picking up your camper, we ask parents/guardians to check in at the Registration Desk before finding your child.

*** Campers are pre-assigned to cabins. Changes to cabin placement will not be made on the day of registration. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like your campers to be grouped together and we will do our best to accommodate (by placing them together in either the same cabin or team).

If you have a concern during the week, please call our STAFF and ask about your child. We ask that campers do not phone home during the week as this has been known to cause homesickness.

For further information on prices and how to register, download the brochure below:

Cancellation/Refund Policy for Campers


If you have a paid registration and cancel by noon on Monday you will get a full refund. If you are a 'no show' at registration time we can only refund 50% of the camper registration fee.

If a parent/guardian voluntarily chooses to  remove their child from the program before or by Tuesday evening, a 50% refund will be  issued.
After Tuesday evening, there will be no refunds.

Camper Registration

Registration will open spring of 2022

* Payment is required ahead in order to guarantee a spot for your child.

* Be sure to pre-register and pay AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance as there is only room for a limited number of campers per week.

Homesickness –Calling Home

If your child is experiencing homesickness, we’ll do our best to get them to focus on all the fun they are having instead of how much they are missing home or missing you. If, despite our best efforts, your child is still struggling, we will call you (the parent/guardian) before 8:30pm in the evening in the hopes that you can encourage them to stay.

Ultimately, it’s the parent’s decision as to whether or not the homesick child stays at camp or goes home. Refund policy listed above applies.


Our policy has been that no calls be made to parents/guardians after 8:30pm in the evenings (unless there is some sort of emergency). This has been generally well accepted, and has proven to be very good for parents, staff, and campers. It eliminates late night disruptions for campers and late night drives for parents, and also helps to give our staff adequate sleep at night.