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2024 New Staff Application
for all new staff ages 16 +

In His Name, By His Power, For His Glory

Our Vision: To share God's Word in truth and love

and to disciple young people to live for the glory of God.

ALL components of the application, statement of commitment, police checks and Plan to Protect training must be completed and sent in by May 31. After we have received all of your paperwork, you will receive an email or phone call letting you know if you have been accepted.

All boxes with a * next to them are required.

Personal Information:

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense (if yes, please explain)?
Week(s) Available:

(Accepted staff are expected to arrive at camp Sunday afternoon between 5 and 6 in time for supper and staff training. We ask that staff arrive no earlier than 5 o’clock on Sunday afternoon.


Staff who are not staying a second week should depart Saturday morning after their week of camp. This allows those who are serving at camp for multiple weeks the needed time to rest and refresh. If you wish to arrive early or stay later, please contact Tabitha well ahead of time to ask about making arrangements.

I am interested in raising financial support during my time serving at camp:
Please check off the positions that interest you:
What skills have you taught or had training in before:
Please check off any you are certified for: (must be CURRENT):


Post Secondary Schooling:

Church Information:

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