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PRBC Bikeathon

Meet Our Participating Bikers:

bikeathon Araunah - Copy.jpg

Araunah - young and energetic, Araunah is the mastermind behind this bikeathon fundraiser! (thanks buddy for all your hard work organizing this!) Araunah has a creative and inquisitive personality that brings a fun dynamic when he comes to PRBC as a camper, LITe or staff.

Araunah will be biking 315km from Prince Albert to PRBC.


Levi - happily married and the father of an adorable little tyke, Levi is working towards his journeyman in construction. Levi's connection to PRBC comes through church and family. Right after the bikeathon, Levi will be up at PRBC working on installing the siding on our new building.

Levi will be biking 129km from Prince Albert to Big River.


Shammah - gifted with a wide variety of skills, if you are looking for Shammah you might find him driving big trucks, at the fire hall, making balloon animals, farming, or hanging out with the kiddos. Shammah's love for kids brings him back to PRBC year after year and makes him an excellent cabin leader.

Shammah will be biking 315km from Prince Albert to PRBC (tag teaming with Kevin).


Kevin - returning staff are a blessing and we are thankful for Kevin's willingness to spend his time off each summer at camp where he has built lasting relationships through cabin leading and LITe leading. Gifted in art and music (and with a quirky personality :) , Kevin's violin playing has also been a highlight at camp.

Kevin will be biking 315km from Prince Albert to PRBC (tag teaming with Shammah).


Naomi - loving all things fun and water related, Naomi makes a great lifeguard. Lifeguards are often hard to come by at camp, and Naomi's skills have been very appreciated here at PRBC over the last few years. Naomi's new adventures are taking her from the water to the sky as she studies aviation.

Naomi will be biking 209km from Prince Albert to Green Lake.

brent - Copy.png

Brent - collector of cool rocks, fossils and dinosaurs, Brent makes a fun and interactive camp speaker. Having six kids of his own, I guess he's had lots of practice :) Besides speaking at camps, Brent works at Tribal Trails - a First Nations Television program with a message of Hope.

Brent will be biking 315km from Prince Albert to PRBC.


Bruce - master balloon artist and skilled electrician, Bruce & Rosella have been involved at PRBC at least one week each summer for about 11 years. Now that Bruce has taken on the maintenance job here, we look forward to their involvement being 11 years going on many more!

Bruce will be biking 315km from Prince Albert to PRBC.


Noah - as a commercial pilot, his favorite place to be is up in the clouds. Noah's first involvement at PRBC started out as a 'stamper' (now our LITe program) back in his teens. Now he gets to lead the LITe program here at camp as he shares his time and skills between PRBC and NCEM's aviation department.

Noah will be biking 315km from Prince Albert to PRBC.

Meet Our Drivers:

Driving at 20 km an hour for 3 days is no small undertaking!


Marcie - coffee, plants, dogs and the Grinch bring joy to Marcie's life. Since moving to PRBC, she has succeeded in turning the house into a jungle, getting the camp director drinking coffee (on occasion - still a work in progress ;) and bringing sunshine to everyone around. If you come out to camp you're in for a treat as Marcie is an excellent cook!

Marcie will be one of our drivers, as well as trading off bikers to give them a break.


Shannon - A registered nurse who works with moms and babies, Shannon enjoys flowers in summer, skiing in winter and visiting with her kids (and others) any time. While never actually being staff at camp before, she has been on board with all the camps her kids are part of and would love to try out the job of camp nurse sometime.

Shannon will be one of our much appreciated drivers.


Janelle - with a bright smile and a warm heart, Janelle welcomes everyone she meets. Janelle enjoys techie things like recording and editing and she uses these skills to record scripture readings for CIAM radio. Janelle's work in editing is also very much appreciated when it come to doing online ministry from PRBC.

Janelle will be one of our drivers, as well as trading off bikers to give them a break.


Rosella - skilled at sewing, we have already seen Rosella's handiwork here at PRBC as she stitched up new curtains for Birch. Rosella also has a love for plants and their cute dog Ratchet. We appreciate Rosella taking on the area of registration now that she and Bruce are settling in up here at PRBC.

Rosella will be one of our much appreciated drivers.


Tabitha - our very organized, gentle and caring camp director. Tabitha has such a heart for the camp. If you need someone to talk to or just someone to have good deep chats with she is the person to go to! She has a dog and likes coffee occasionally. Her Dad says she's sassy and cute...and she's single. But she also has 4 brothers...

Tabitha will be one of our drivers, as well as trading off bikers to give them a break.

​​If making a pledge for one or more of these bikers or drivers:

Please make all donations payable to NCEM.

We also need you to state “Pine Ridge Dining Hall Project” and the Name of the Biker you are backing.


For cheques, please include a separate note with the cheque.

For Online Credit Card or EMT payments, provide the donation directions in comments.

All proceeds are going towards the PRBC New Dining Hall / Chapel project.

(goal of $34,000.00 for pouring the concrete floor)

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