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Dining Hall Funding

Exciting times! Funds continue to roll in for the new dining hall project! They are also starting to roll out as construction continues and we start writing the cheques! We need your help as we continue to make these plans a reality!

To donate go to or call NCEM at 306-764-3388

Exciting Note: An anonymous donor has agreed to match any future donations that come in for the New Dining Hall (from July 2020 forward), up to a total of $150K

Where we are at: We currently have just over $230,000.00 for the New Dining Hall/Chapel project.

Phase 1 total (to get the new building to a place where construction can continue through winter) is approximately $296,000.00

Then Lord willing we will be able to continue building through the winter as funds continue to come in. Maybe we can move into the new Dining Hall in time for camp next summer!!!

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