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Frozen Water Pipes

Yesterday was a bit of a challenging day for Bruce and Araunah. They found a very perplexing problem with the plumbing - there was hot water, but no cold water in the mop sinks in the storage room! After much investigation and problem solving (tracing the pipes on the video of the plumbing before the drywall, going through 2 layers of drywall to open up one washroom ceiling, and cutting through the spray foam around the pipe) they uncovered the problem - the pipe had frozen! That's not possible, you say - the pipe is not anywhere close to an exterior wall!

Well, we found out that the walk in freezer is working very well!!! The cold water pipe ran right under the walk in freezer! Tucked right up against the freezer floor, with spray foam and 2 layers of drywall keeping it insulated from warm airflow! With Araunah crawling up into the floor joists, they were able to drop the pipe down enough so it's no longer stuck against the floor and now we have cold water to the taps again!

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