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Grand Opening Meal and Program

Marcie put together an amazing meal for the Grand Opening and between Marcie, Wanda and the girls helping serve, everyone was well taken care of!

We kicked off the program after dessert was served. Thank you to Dan Glass for sharing on behalf of the NCEM board. Also to Walter Selke for sharing on behalf of the NCEM executive. Bruce and Tabitha shared some thank you's for our contractors and tradesmen who put so many hours into building this new dining hall / chapel!

Unfortunately most of our contractors were not able to join us, but we were able to thank in person four of the men who played key roles in this building project: Brent Wahlstrom, Mark Olsen, Cornie Quiring and Jonathan Yeo. And the team surprised Tabitha with a jacket also!

We also enjoyed the background music by Kevin and Shammah and the worship led by Cindy, Araunah and Kevin!

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