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PRBC New Dining Hall / Chapel Project Timeline

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Plans for the new Dining Hall / Chapel are moving forward. Keep up with the news here!

Dining Hall / Chapel Timeline:


December 9 - surveyed possible locations

December 14 - finished 2 sets of preliminary floor plans


February 4 - sent building proposal to Regional Lands Manager

February 5 - permission to build was granted by Regional Lands Manager

February 6 - public health reviewed and approved kitchen floor plans

February 7 - finalized preliminary floor plans

February 7 - sent preliminary floor plans to the draftsman

February 13 - received a rough materials estimate from supplier

($190.778.89 based on preliminary plans. Not including: concrete, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, appliances, cabinets, or labor)

March 4 - received 1st preliminary draft from draftsman

May 29-30 - cleared trees from building site

November 7 - met with draftsman to finalize layout


February 15 - received final floor plans and stamped structural drawings

June 5 - met with foundation contractor at camp

June 5 - received permission from NCEM board to begin building

June 8 - road crew dumped clay/crushed rock on the last hill of our sandy drive

June 12- 13 - cleared trees from building site

June 23 - held our Groundbreaking Event

June 29 - contractor began work on the foundation

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