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Stories from Summer (part 1)

After camp I (Tabitha) asked our volunteers if they would be willing to send in short stories from the summer of how they saw God working at camp. There were many stories that came in, and we are excited to share them here with you over the next while!

(I can only speak for one week) But I believe that the one week I was able to come to Pine Ridge I saw God working in many different ways which was great to see. One thing that rises above the surface for me would have to be the fact that there was this little boy (who happened to be in my cabin) who had such a passion and a desire to learn about Christ every day he was there. This boy amazed me beyond many measures. His desire to learn verses was truly remarkable and also reminded me of the verse in the Bible where we as Gods children are to come to him with a childlike faith in all are difficulties.

I think it's important to add that God was also working in the small areas, like keeping them quite for chapel or making sure that all are doing what they need to do. God truly was working in an aspects of camp during the week I was there.

- Michael (cabin leader)

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