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Stories from Summer (part 2)

When I think back to this summer there are a lot of great memories that stick out to me, but one of my favorites this year was actually during day camps. For our last week of day camps I was a team leader and my team that week was so much fun! I remember the one day in particular where my kids were super attentive during chapel. After chapel we were sitting in the shade discussing what we had learnt and had a great talk about the crucifixion. I don’t exactly remember if they had a lot of questions but they were all listening so well. It was a good reminder that God can use us and is working in the kids hearts and lives even when we think they might be super distracted or not super interested.

Haha they were also a lot of fun to do drama with. I loved how involved all of our kids got. Shoulda seen us out there on the field all meowing and barking our heads off as we pretended to be different animals! Or revving our imaginary motorcycles!

- Marcie Klassen

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