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Stories from Summer (part 7)

It was really neat to see the youth that come from our area that I see at their work places and at church etc, giving of there time and serving willingly - knowing that it won’t be easy and yet the importance of ministering to the children/teens at camp and letting the love of Jesus flow through them and hopefully have an eternal impact on the campers. Then now when they're back at home you can see that their faith has grown and applying themselves deeper in there own communities.

You’ve probably heard this a lot already but one area I clearly saw God working was the ability to have overnight camps again and being able to travel as needed to come to and back from camp. With so many obstacles the last while and not knowing how to plan, it was amazing to be able to see camp running again and to have full freedom in telling/teaching the campers the truth from Gods word and to tell them that salvation is still available and free. And we know that His word will not return void so Praise the Lord for allowing this to happen!

Hard for me to put into words what I all see happen at camp but it is so amazing that the world we live in that we can gather at a camp like Pine Ridge and know that God is allowing this and that as much as the devil would like to see this work not happen, God is in control and His plan is perfect.

- David (camp speaker)

David speaking for Jr. Teen week 2021

David (right)

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