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Stories from Summer (part 9)

It was great to see God work in many different ways this summer. One of them that stands out the most to me is the fact that we were able to complete the construction of the dining hall before Aug 5. We had a wedding scheduled to be held at the camp on Aug 5th and we were hoping that the dining hall would be ready for them to use for the reception.

It was July 27 and we still needed the plumber, gas fitter, fire suppression and our general contractor to complete work in order to have a functional kitchen by Aug 5. I had been involved with enough construction projects to know that something usually delays the construction, and this project was on a very tight timeline. All the contractors had to show up when scheduled in order to make it work.

The plumber arrived and was able to get us running water in our kitchen and dining hall by the end of July. The gas fitters were right on schedule and completed by the end of July. However, our general contractor was tied up on another project and as much as he tried, he couldn't make it up before Aug 5. We had the flooring to install in the dining room and doors to hang on the bathrooms. With much help from volunteers, we were able to complete the flooring and baseboards by Aug 3rd and our fire suppression was completed on Aug 4. We praise God for freeing up all the contractors and volunteers in order to complete the construction on time. It was only because of His goodness that we were able to hold a wedding reception on Aug 5th.

It was a true blessing to see campers and staff file into the new dining hall to eating their meals during the next two weeks of camp. Praise God for he is truly a good God, and we can always rely on him in our hour of need.

- Bruce McCaskell

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