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Together We Can Reach This Goal

Where we are at:

· Total donations received as of January 29 are just over $409,000.00

· After expenses, our remaining dining hall funds as of January 29 are just over $150.00

· Our estimated complete cost is between $600,000.00 - $750,000.00

We would love to see progress continue on the new building! We decided to break it down into smaller sections so that it's a little less overwhelming and progress can continue in stages.

Next Up: help us reach $20,000.00 to cover our drywall, mudding & taping,

pine ceiling and blow in insulation for the upper level by the end of February.

It's even less overwhelming if we break it down even more:

* 100 people at $50 each = $5,000

* 90 people at $100 each = $9,000

* 20 people at $200 each = $4,000

* 4 people at $500 each = $2,000

= total of $20,000.00 by the end of February.

Together we can reach this goal!

For donation options, go to:

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