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Update on Finances

It's been awhile since we've updated you on where finances are at for the New Dining Hall / Chapel, so here it is! * Total donations received as of September 30 are just over $341,000.00 * After expenses, our remaining dining hall funds as of September 30 are just over $122,00.00 Upcoming Expenses include: electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and moving into Phase 2 (insulation and interior construction) * Electrical Quote is $60,925.00 (including main trenching, electrical work and fixtures) * Plumbing Estimate is $30,000 * Mechanical Quote is $57,081.75 (including furnaces, duct work, air exchange, fire dampers, and duct work for bathroom fans) Our estimated complete cost is between $500,000.00 - $750,000.00 Lord willing we will be able to continue building through the winter as funds continue to come in. Maybe we can move into the new Dining Hall in time for camp next summer!!! If you would like to donate towards this building project, check out how at:

Exciting Note: our anonymous donor is still matching donations that come in for the New Dining Hall / Chapel (from July 2020 forward), up to a total of $150K

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