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Rock Your Camp Swag!

Hey everyone! We have a few more weeks to meet our March Merch goal! We would love to be able to cover our cabinets (remaining $44,331.05) and siding installation (approx. $20,000.00) by April 23.

Send a donation and rock your PRBC camp swag! * 20 people at $50 each = $1,000 (PRBC lanyard) * 20 people at $100 each = $2,000 (PRBC coaster) * 34 people at $500 each = $17,000 (PRBC sweater) * 20 people at $1,000 each = $20,000 (PRBC toque) * 5 people at $5,000 each = $25,000 (PRBC travel mug) = total of $65,000.00 by April 23

Click the link to check out donation options: #PRBC #NewDiningHall #CampSwag #MarchMerchMonth #Cabinets #Siding #April23Deadline

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